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Our proposal is for 180 plots containing an exciting mix of 2 – 4 bedroomed houses and 2 – 3 bedroomed bungalows. The proposed development is adjacent to our previous site “Kings Meadow Phase 1” which proved very popular with our properties in high demand.

Wingerworth is a large popular village on the outskirts of Chesterfield situated in the district of North East Derbyshire.



Even though the village is close to Chesterfield town centre which is just over 3 miles away, it is also ideally located to the beautiful walking countryside in the Peak District. It is 15 miles south of Sheffield, and is serviced by a regular bus route to Chesterfield.

The village is well provided with excellent amenities including shops, pubs, communal facilities and well- reputed schools available for a range of age groups from nursery to secondary grades.

Sporting enthusiasts are well catered for as Wingerworth offers a Football Pitch, Cricket Field, Tennis Courts and a Bowling Green in the park.

There is an excellent Community spirit within the village, with many clubs and events taking place in the Village Hall.

In conjunction with the planning department of North east Derbyshire district council and the previous comments from interested parties at the time of the grant of outline planning permission we have created a design that brings a sense of place whilst respecting the existing wildlife corridors through the site and around the site.

The site will also provide much needed starter and family housing in the area.

The road pattern and positioning of the homes respects the sloping nature of the site and the views from the countryside into the site. Within the site the placing of the houses allows views of principle trees and the wildlife corridors.

The placing of the homes also allows views of Hockley lane both into and out of the site.

We are turning what in ecological terms is a barren wasteland of horse grazing into a managed area of increased tree planting in the gardens of the homes to assist bird life, including bat, bird and bug boxes, incorporating mammal runs through the gardens so that hedgehogs and other wildlife can get from the greater open countryside via the wildlife corridors to forage in the open space both private and public.

The mix of new homes to be built on the site reflects the immediate market place of Wingerworth whilst satisfying the demand for starter and affordable homes in the area. By providing these style of new homes it allows younger families to return to Wingerworth and make it their home and support local facilities such as the schools, village hall, health facilities and local retail businesses.

We are limiting the design to single and two storey homes In keeping with the vernacular of the local area.

The materials to be used on the site reflect the local architecture so the development is new but looks the same as those developments around it which have been in place since the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

All the homes will have off road parking to avoid the need for on road parking allowing easier access for emergency vehicles should the need arise.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can be used in all types of development to provide a natural approach to managing drainage at the source. This then limits downstream flooding issues during peak storm events by slowing or stopping the flow of water into the water courses until such time as the flood event has passed. This is good flood management.

The SuDs for the proposed development would be managed through a sustainable drainage system incorporating infiltration, such as permeable paving where practicable and a storage basin with the throttle outfall into an adjacent watercourse.

Homes will be fitted with water butts for the local storage of rainwater for garden irrigation and washing vehicles.

RHL are committed to a Fabric First approach wherein a low maintenance and low cost solution is adopted first in the main fabric of the building before incorporating more expensive/recurring cost of alternative methods of generating green energy. Our principle is not to require energy use first rather storing heat and energy and releasing it when needed.

As well as the above RHL will be implementing the installation of Electric Car Charging points, renewable heating options primarily Air Source Heat Pumps along with Solar PV where suitable.

Deadline for comments, Friday 29th May

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