Spring cleaning hacks: Five tips to help refresh every room in the house

Posted on 4th April 2023 in News & Views

Spring is finally upon us, and there’s not a more fitting time to give your home a thorough once-over. At Rippon Homes, we’re used to getting our properties spotless and ready for handover, so here are our top five spring cleaning hacks to help scrub away the winter.


  1. Declutter each room

Making sure you have clear rooms and cupboards is an important preparation step before the big clean. Clutter can be outgrown clothes, outdated papers, expired foods, or broken/unused toys.

It’s a good idea to dedicate specific boxes, with labels such as, ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘throw away’, which will keep your clear-out organised and make it easier to separate the different items when it comes to deciding what to do with them.


  1. Have a plan

Set a goal before you start to clean. This will help you manage your expectations for what you’d like to achieve, and go towards deciding how extensive your tidying and cleaning needs to be in each room.

This way, you can devise an order for how to prioritise your time, tackle each space, and create some room-specific jobs which will make the workload seem less overwhelming.

By having a tick list, you will have a goal to work towards and experience the satisfaction of ticking each task off once complete.


  1. Revamp your wardrobe

You may have an impressive array of outfits, but chances are you don’t wear them all year round – if at all! An easy tip to revamp your wardrobe is to separate your clothes into seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

After this, make sure all your clothes still fit, and that you still enjoy wearing them. If not, you could either donate them to charity or sell them on sites like Vinted or eBay.

For the clothes you do decide to keep, pop the out-of-season outfits in vacuum-sealed bags and store these in the attic or under your bed until they are needed. This way, only the clothes that you love, still fit, and are in season are in your wardrobe.


  1. Give every large piece of furniture a good scrub

Giving large furniture pieces like sofas, dining room tables, and bedroom furniture a thorough clean, the rooms feel fresh and replenished with minimal effort required.

If possible, move the pieces of furniture and clean behind and underneath them too – you never know what you’ll find!


  1. Deep clean your fridge

Remove your fridge’s shelves and bins and let them soak in warm soapy water to help get rid of any food spillages and residue. Spray down your fridge’s interior walls with disinfectant spray and then piece everything back together.

In addition to a freshly cleaned fridge, you could purchase organising bins to help keep all your groceries in order and allow food to be easily visible to your full family.

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