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The Best Ways to Horrify your Home

Posted on 6th October 2021 in News & Views

October marks the start of leafless trees, auburn floors and the spirits of ghosts, ghouls and witches roaming the earth once again. So, we have complied a comprehensive list on how to decorate your home to be the spookiest on the street, and sure to send trick or treaters running scared.

  1. Paper Bat Craft – Get everyone involved in decorating the house with this easy and fun paper bat craft. These bats are perfect to hang from the ceiling to give your home that spooky Halloween feeling. The bats are a cheap, fun and engaging way to get children involved in the decorating of your home before they go trick or treating or you welcome guests into your very own haunted house.
  2. Zombie Face and Arm Stakes – This decoration will make everyone who walks past your garden double take. These lifelike replicas make it look as if the undead are climbing up from the earth into your garden. The face and arms are separate from one another which allows for more creative poses such as a one-armed zombie, or a zombie without his head out of the ground yet. These decorations will make your house look totally unique compared to your neighbours.
  3. Pumpkins – It wouldn’t be Halloween without seeing walls and windowsills lined with the smiles and frowns of homemade Jack O’ Lanterns. These are a staple of Halloween and no decorations would be complete without them, they are low cost to make and a great family activity guaranteed to get everyone excited for the 31st. For those who don’t want to get a real pumpkin, Amazon offers a range of LED pumpkins that will have the same spooky effect.
  4. Hanging Coffin – This suspended coffin is guaranteed to terrify your guests and trick or treaters a like. The coffin features a skull that lights up when someone gets too close, an ideal way to make one of your guests jump when they get too curious. The decoration is ideal for use year after year and can become a staple in your Halloween decorations.
  5. Pumpkin Cupcakes – These are a perfect sweet treat to give to trick or treaters or to wow your guests with. These bright orange cakes will be the centre of attention with their unique look and amazing taste. The cakes are a perfect way to get the kids involved in baking while also getting in the Halloween spirit when they decorate the pumpkin cupcakes with edible eyes and a chocolate stalk!
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