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The joy of bungalow living

Posted on 10th December 2020 in News & Views

At Rippon our stylish bungalows aren’t just made for OAPs, as our Sales & Marketing Manager Julie can attest to! Having lived in bungalows growing up, she has some excellent reasons to consider single-storey living at any stage in your life.

  • We can all be a bit clumsy – It’s not just the elderly who are wary of falls, toddlers are equally susceptible to taking a tumble down the stairs, so bungalows can take one worry off new parents’ minds!
  • More sociable spaces – The open plan design and lack of stairs not only make life easier for those with mobility issues; the airy nature of a bungalow becomes a beneficial feature for everyone living there, making for a more flexible living space to adapt for any lifestyle.
  • Fewer decorating decisions – It can be much easier to style the interior in a cohesive manner when it’s across one floor. No more wondering whether the stairs should match the up or downstairs colour scheme! Fewer supporting walls also means you’ve got less walls to paint or wallpaper, saving you time and money when it’s time to refresh your home.
  • Less to clean – Need we say more?! Fewer rooms mean less cleaning, and no more stairs to lug the hoover up has got to be a positive for any household! Also, as the roof and guttering is easier to access, routine maintenance of those areas of a bungalow is a breeze compared with a larger house.
  • More outdoor space – Garden space has proven more valuable than ever while we’ve been stuck at home more, so bungalow owners are off to a winner with a larger plot than equivalent sized two storey homes. Plenty of space to experiment with your landscaping skills, or for exercise lovers to get sweaty in!

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