New Home, New Refresh

Posted on 9th January 2024 in News & Views

We at Rippon Homes realise that after buying a new home, you are left with a number of things you may have never done before, especially if this is your first home. These types of tasks include bleeding radiators and opening trickle vents, amongst other things.

That’s why we have compiled a handy list on how to complete household tasks you might have never heard of.

How to bleed your radiators

The process of bleeding a radiator is to release air that has become trapped in your radiator, which prevents the heat from circulating around the radiator properly. You will know if your radiator needs bleeding if you can feel cold spots or it begins to make groaning sounds when you turn the heating on.

To bleed a radiator, you will need your radiator bleed key and a towel to soak up any water that may leak. Once you have located which radiators need bleeding, locate the bleed valve which will look like a circle with a square inside on the top of the radiator.

Loosen the screw anticlockwise and you will begin to hear a hissing noise, this is the air that is trapped in the radiator escaping. Remember to only turn the valve halfway, as a full turn will cause all the water to leak. Once the hissing stops, retighten the valve and turn on your central heating to see if the radiators are working properly again.


How to let your new home breathe

It’s extremely important to let your new home breathe, this means keeping a consistent airflow throughout your home and can be achieved in a number of ways with a Rippon home.

Turning on your trickle vents allows a constant airflow throughout your home. Trickle vents are integrated into windows and doors, and open slightly to allow a trickle of outside air into the home. These vents are easy to use, and require you to slide the cover to the side for the outside air to enter the home.

Another way of allowing your home to breathe is to vaccum frequently, as this removes a large amount of pollution particles that can get trapped in furniture such as rugs. This will also reduce the amount of dust in your home which in itself can clog your home up with pollution.


How to keep your home warm

As the nights draw in and the weather plummets, keeping your home warm effectively and efficently is essential to getting through the winter months.

A cost effective way of keeping your new Rippon home warm is to keep the curtains drawn throughout the night and open during the day, as this allows natural light and heat to warm up the room during the day and then keep that heat in the room during the evening once they have been drawn.

Another method to keep your home consitently warm is to set a timer for your central heating to come on. Make sure the timings correspond with when you’re home and turns off when you are out, so you aren’t spending money on heating an empty house.

These tips can often bypass a buyer’s head after they’ve bought their dream home, and we at Rippon Homes hope that these helpful tips can alleivate any stress of knowing what to do when you move in.

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