Watt a saving: Rippon Homes highlights best ways to save energy this winter

Posted on 18th January 2024 in News & Views

At Rippon Homes we are celebrating Energy Saving Week, which is running from 17th – 23rd January, by sharing our top tips on how to keep your energy bill down this winter whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

We believe that becoming more ecologically aware is vital to homebuilding and at Rippon Homes we remain committed to becoming greener in our practises.


Use Smart Devices

A simple and easy method to conserve energy within your Rippon home is to invest in a Smart Energy device. These gadgets help divert excess power usage into other areas of your home, and a majority of these devices have a dashboard so you can see exactly how much you’re spending.

These devices, coupled with the latest green features in your Rippon home, mean preserving energy and saving money is easier than ever.


Timed Heating

An effective tip to keep your home warm over the coming months is to set your central heating to timed. This means you can make sure you’re not heating an empty home, and using a timer also means you can have the heating turn off throughout the night and back on for when you wake up in the morning.

With rising prices, using a timed approach to your central heating system can help save money, while ensuring you have a warm home throught the darker evenings and mornings.


Use Efficent Appliances

Making the switch from outdated appliances that use uneccesary electricity and power is important to reduce your carbon footprint. At Rippon Homes we pride ourselves on the fact all of our appliances and homes are built to meet the latest enviromental regulations.

These green features of a Rippon home mean that reducing your carbon footprint will be much easier  compared to using an old style Victorian home, as older homes also cost a lot more to run and are less efficent than a new build property.


We hope these tips that we have shared will help you reduce your energy consumption over January and into the new year, helping us to create greener communtites while also saving our residents money.

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